Typewriter Writing / Close-up of a vintage, retro typewriter.


“As a published children’s author, songwriter, magazine writer/editor and now social media/content creator, I love SELLING while STORYTELLING.”

Lorrie Holmes, Publisher/Producer


As you will see from my portfolio samples on this site, I have worn may hats within the roles of content creator, editor, publisher, producer and sales & marketing director. For the first half of my career, I enjoyed writing lifestyle columns and feature stories and also, acting as a magazine editor and sales & marketing director where I would build teams to conceptualize and implement various print campaigns to promote businesses in the tourism & hospitality industries. After having a family, I became very passionate about using my communications background to produce family oriented media and became fascinated by all the exciting new opportunities that were being presented in the forms of both digital and social media. Today, I love to offer my clients many choices to capture the magic of their business. From print to digital. From words to music. From photography to animation. I love collaborating with teams of professionals to produce beautiful and meaningful family oriented media in each of these forms. Our unique marketing advantage is that we focus on developing intimate relationships with our clients and only represent those brands, products, and services that we feel comfortable to endorse.

Painting pictures with words is my passion. My goal as a professional writer is to always evoke emotion from my readers. To pull them into a story. Whether it be a work of fiction, a song, or an advertisement, all great stories begin with the rule of SHOWING AND NOT TELLING.